Reflections of a Black Women

By Guest Writer In my experience I feel being an African American woman in America has many challenges. I feel this way because we are continuously defending ourselves within our culture and outside of it. In America, African American women are routinely stereotyped for the way we wear our hair, the way we dress, and [...]


The City of Philadelphia vs Meek Mill.

As a disclaimer I'm writing from a fair and objective view point. My opinions come from what I think the overall public feels. This is not an attempt to bring any man down. But to speak on a topic that is on many of our minds within our culture. I think it's important that we [...]

Making America Hate Again

        I don't know what it feels like to be discriminated against because of my faith. I live in a country where my faith is the predominate religion. But I am familiar with discrimination. I grew up struggling in a country that my ancestors built for free. A country that until 60-70 [...]

Dating on the Gram.

This is my attempt at dissecting how social media altered the dating game, enhanced infidelity and created an environment where ego and arrogance can thrive. The dating game has been evolving for me since the creation of Myspace (showing my age). It made the world smaller and expedited getting to know a person. No longer [...]

It’s Not Beef Until Somebody Dies.

My title may be a bit hyperbolic; nevertheless I'm serious. Social media has made it easier to @ someone without having to actually get at someone. If I've learned anything about this era. Most people are all talk and less action. Celebrities will beef back and forth. The next day they'll apologize and be the [...]

Trusting the Process

Written by Avi Brown As told by Maleek Jackson            Its Sunday before my hearing, my minds racing. Tomorrow decides my fate. I been down 10 years. Tomorrow I go in front of the parole board and they decide if they'll let me out. I've never made excuses for my time here. I never [...]

Raising A Rapist

           When we think of a rapist there is usually a stereotypical image we have of one. An awkward, shy man, who lacks friends and any remnants of a social life. Yes, that description fits the typical mode. But as we've learned from Darren Sharper, the disgraced All-Pro NFL player sentenced to 38 years in jail [...]

The N.W. Raider Dynasty

I preface to say I'm a little biased. But to me Uptown Philly has always played the best football. From the days of the West Oaklane Wildcats domination, to the Mt Airy Bantams run and the still continuous success of the Northwest Raiders. Not to mention the Enon Cadets who've come on in the past [...]

Who the Hell is a Super Predator? (PT. 1)

Today is the day I receive my sentence. It also happens to be my 17th birthday. Last year I had hoped to be having a skating party with all my friends from school around this time. Obviously, that's not going to happen. I'm writing because the therapist explained to me I lacked humanity and empathy. [...]

America’s Cheating Culture

I live in a generation where men and women cheat almost equally. I often wonder how we got here. Were women always cheaters and just better at hiding it? Or is it due to the boldness of this generation's women, who now refuse to conceal their promiscuous conquests? Or could it be women have adapted [...]