In Defense of Blue Ivy

I have a son. He is 5 years old. He is bright, astute and reminds me of a better me. I don't pay much attention to what he wears. He is a child, so naturally he wears regular children's clothing. I'm a minimalist somewhat, I'd much rather pay less than more for his clothes. He … Continue reading In Defense of Blue Ivy


I Cheated.

There is video of a girl and her former spouse discussing him cheating that has gone viral and it has caused great debate on the topic of cheating. If you haven't seen it check it out here ( The video is in an intimate setting. It's quiet and the environment is conducive to having a … Continue reading I Cheated.

America’s Cheating Culture

I live in a generation where men and women cheat almost equally. I often wonder how we got here. Were women always cheaters and just better at hiding it? Or is it due to the boldness of this generation's women, who now refuse to conceal their promiscuous conquests? Or could it be women have adapted … Continue reading America’s Cheating Culture


By now we have all found out what most of us already knew. Women cheat! But unlike never before it's much harder to conceal their infidelities. As we saw in HBO's Insecure (written by the talented Issa Rae) Issa cheated, got caught and got left. Naturally, men everywhere rejoiced at the sight of Lawrence rebounding … Continue reading Insecured