Fashion at the Cathedral

This weekend was dedicated to the arts. With that sentiment in mind, Sunday was reserved for the Oscars and Saturday was reserved for a local fashion show.

This was no ordinary show and surely no ordinary designer. Loanell “ButterObama” Ellington put on a show. The designer who describes his CasuaLuxury brand as a mix of high fashion and casualness. Excels at providing amazing aesthetic from the start. The venue reminiscent of an old English castle, is a hidden jewel in the north Philadelphia neighborhood it resides in. The Church of the Advocate at 18th and Diamond is a fitting setting for a brand focused on casualness and luxury. The church is just that. Inside, Ellington has meticulously gone over every detail. There are white seats in perfect patterns with business cards as place holders. There is art work all around, a red carpet for those fashionable enough, and who wish to make a memory of the night. The music playing the latest tunes to keep the crowd occupied. Even a VIP section where drinks and appetizers are complimentary.

The show begins with LoanellButterObamaEllington speaking from a balcony perched overtop of us all. He explains the hard work it took to put this event together, he apologizes for the tardiness of the show and just like that the show begins. The show began with a young lady doing her best Misty Copeland impersonation, as Kanye West’s gospel ode “Ultralight beam” bellows in the background. The youngest of the models then come out strutting their stuff, with sparkling Crowns on reminding us of there obvious royalty, in blue jeans and white CasuaLuxury t-shirts. This easily shows off the practicalness in the CasuaLuxury brand. The young men and young women follow. All wearing outfits with confidence and pride. Each young model walking throughout the entire cathedral. There were no bad seats in the house, as Ellington cleverly set up the venue to avoid just that. The clothing fresh and practical. The bathing suits looking summer ready.

The show was a success. I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m no fashion guru but as an artist myself (albeit of a different form), I can appreciate hard work. It’s easy to spot “ButterObama“s passion and flair for design. While not every men’s piece was suited for every man, in today’s society where no fashion risk is too risky. The designs fit right in. The range of this brand is what I believe will be its strong suit. Ellington has everything from every day wear to beach attire. With the spring and summer approaching, he is in prime position to capitalize. The performance of the models was remarkable. They believed in the clothing they were wearing. You could see the hard work all involved, put in to making the show a success. The clothes were fresh and bold. The models were young and confident. I see no reason why this brand and “ButterObama” himself doesn’t succeed at making CasuaLuxury the brand of the future. If your looking for some fresh looks for the spring or have a vacation coming up check out the CasuaLuxury brand website (CasuaLuxury). If your in the local Philadelphia area stop by the CausaLuxury store at 2427 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, Pa 19125. Shop the brand and be on the look out for this local designers rise. Be apart of history and be apart of the rise of CasuaLuxury.


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