In Defense of Blue Ivy

I have a son. He is 5 years old. He is bright, astute and reminds me of a better me. I don’t pay much attention to what he wears. He is a child, so naturally he wears regular children’s clothing. I’m a minimalist somewhat, I’d much rather pay less than more for his clothes. He is shy, but brave, quiet and sometimes timid of this big world he currently resides in. That’s where I come in. I filter his world, only letting in what I feel is vital to shaping him into who God wants him to be. Any notion or idea that someone would have anything to say about a child’s look, appearance, etc. Is unacceptable, warrants immediate reprimand and scolding from those around them. This leads me to Blue Ivy. The princess of musical royalty. Her parents are Jay-Z and Beyoncé, her style is mimicked and her every moved tracked. Her very existence has placed food on people’s tables. But there still has to be consideration that this is a young, impressionable child. I watch people critique her hair, her clothing and even her physical appearance. Where is the decency? Am I too accept that because she was born wealthy, she is automatically allowed to be subjected to this despicable treatment. When is the line crossed? You call her ugly or say she looks like her father. As if young girls aren’t suppose to look like the parents that made them. You call her tall, or not as pretty as this child or that child. I often wonder who hurt some of you, so much that you spew such hatred? What bad break did some of you catch? Why are you so angry?


I believe there has to be a vigorous defense made by the people who claim to love Beyoncé, against anyone who says disparaging remarks about her little girl. We let people off the hook. We allow people to hide behind freedom of speech. But our speech must have consequences. Why is it so acceptable to speak ill of children? Does her parents wealth make her fodder for the twitter trolls? Is she not afforded the same protections that “normal” children receive? I can’t imagine how her parents feel. Parents protect their children as best we can. We re-enforce love everyday. We call our children beautiful, because they are. We tell them we’re proud of them. But all this is counterattacked the moment this child walks out her front door. She has become a prisoner of her parents success. She asked for nothing and is receiving hatred because she seemingly has it all. I’ve never seen so many people jealous and envious of a young child. She shouldn’t need protection, no matter who her parents happen to be. We should look at her, see her beautiful smile, and see our children in her. She is no different then my son or many of your children. Yet, because of some of your socio-economic statuses, you feel the need to bring her down. A child, a small child, too young to fend for herself. Where is the mirror? Some of you must look in it. I’m disgusted at the idea of calling a child unattractive, or worst ugly. Some of you hate yourself’s and in return hate others.

I love the normalcy, in which Blue Ivy’s parents attempt to raise her with. She seems well adjusted and animated just like many other children her age. She seems happy and sassy. Just like you’d expect any child to be minus the circumstances surrounding her. She is a young princess, and she deserves protection. If we don’t protect the babies what does that say about us? If we don’t call our friends or family out for speaking ill of this child we are no better! In fact any child that is being spoken ill of, regardless of there social-economic background deserves our protection. Where is the humanity? Have we lost it. We scream of the hatred our current president spews but yet some of us spew the same hatred. What makes us different then him? Beyoncé is pregnant with twins. I’m sure there will be speculation as to what the children will look like. How they will dress. But one thing we know for certain, they will be well adjusted and raised in a household of “normalcy”. We can’t stop everyone from speaking ill on the children of celebrities. But what we can do is show our disgust and disapproval. We can’t let society spiral into this sodom and Gomorrah-like culture. Where anything goes! We must hold on to the humanity our ancestors fought for. Stop using our lives to bring each other down and began to build each other up. I think we are to hold one another accountable for our actions. Words still hurt the same. Whether they are verbally said or written. We must watch what say about our future. The children are our future, how we act and interact, is what they will mimic. We can’t be so comfortable tearing our least protected people down. Children are off limits. This isn’t a new phenomenon. Even gangsters of the past, agreed with this rule. No matter what issue they had with a sworn enemy, the children and the family were left out of it. It is time that we protect those who can’t protect themselves from anything that may harm them. Whether by words or actions.


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