By now we have all found out what most of us already knew. Women cheat! But unlike never before it's much harder to conceal their infidelities. As we saw in HBO's Insecure (written by the talented Issa Rae) Issa cheated, got caught and got left. Naturally, men everywhere rejoiced at the sight of Lawrence rebounding … Continue reading Insecured


The Death of the Black Family

I can only speak generationally; my perspective is solely based on my own experiences with the millennial generation. This welfare state that we reside in, has done nothing but hinder the progress of at least 3 generations of African-American men and women. This lack of progress is shown in the underdevelopment of African-American men and African-American women. … Continue reading The Death of the Black Family

A Letter to Law Enforcement

I know what it's like to be judged by stereotypes. I'm a young black male in America. I'm hyper violent, a womanizer, I skip out on responsibilities and I lack a moral compass. Or so that's what they would like everyone to believe. I also know what's it's like to live in a high crime … Continue reading A Letter to Law Enforcement

A Letter to My Father

Today my son was born. Sometime shortly, you’ll be arriving to this hospital to congratulate me. As any good father would. You’ll bring a cigar and share in this experience just as you’ve shared in every experience I’ve ever had. I decided to write you a letter as both of our lives have come full … Continue reading A Letter to My Father

Black Lives Mattered.

I love this movement. I love what it stands for and I love the change it hopes to invoke in this oppressive society we live in. Black lives have always mattered. But I believe our social movements of today lack integrity and accountability. Marching when a cop kills an unarmed black man, but not marching … Continue reading Black Lives Mattered.

Barack Obama: The Worst President of All-Time

I voted against President Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary. Why? I felt President Obama’s inexperience and naivety would make it almost impossible for him to have a successful presidency. President Obama seemed better suited as an influencer of minds, he is a master motivator and a natural idealist. Not characteristics typically associated with the … Continue reading Barack Obama: The Worst President of All-Time

How Reality Tv and Our Fascination With it Chose Our Next President.

I love tv. I think most Americans feel the same. We have our favorite shows, we DVR them, we watch them on demand. We even share our affinity for our shows on our various social media platforms. But reality tv is our guilty pleasure. "Non-Actors" being filmed for "unscripted tv". We relate to them because … Continue reading How Reality Tv and Our Fascination With it Chose Our Next President.