A History of Violence

I’ve seen more dead bodies then I care to remember. Premature death seems to be somewhat of a cultural identity. This considering the extenuating factors isn’t surprising. A lack of an adequate education, poverty, lack of a proper nutritional diet, single parent households, blighted communities and career advancement examples set by men, who gain by … Continue reading A History of Violence



I met my father for the first time that I could remember at Graterford State Prison. I was probably no older then five. I remember it like it was yesterday. Whether visiting or staying, you’ll never forget your first time in a state penitentiary. The visit was brief. I’m almost certain it was fall because … Continue reading “Trapped”

Run N#gga Run

Capitalism and Racism have a symbiotic relationship. Both rely on inhumanity to strive. The notion of the million dollar slave isn't a new one. In fact, William C Rhoden wrote a book titled "Forty million dollar slave". In this book he explains rather eloquently, how "rich" athletes can still be slaves. Slavery can still exist, … Continue reading Run N#gga Run

Dear White People: Please Don’t Shoot My Son

Aaden Quadi Brown was born on June 14th, 2011. Since birth he’s had a coolness about him that I probably lacked as a child. He’s almost 6 now as I write this. He is lean and tall, for his age. He likes to read, play and do all the normal things kids his age do. … Continue reading Dear White People: Please Don’t Shoot My Son

Black Women Privilege 

My purpose of writing this is simple. I hope to spark dialogue and offer an alternate perspective. I understand what I am about to say, may possibly come off as insensitive. But I pride myself on being upfront with what I think and how I feel. At the least, you know I am willing to … Continue reading Black Women Privilege 

Aaron Hernandez: A Propensity for Violence 

I wish I could hold sympathy for a murderer. In fact, how do you even sympathize with a millionaire murderer? He had it all and seemingly threw it all away. Why? The irony of the street culture is we only glorify the success stories. We speak of the entertainers and pro athletes. Who remain ingratiated … Continue reading Aaron Hernandez: A Propensity for Violence 

Purple Reigns.

There is no other way to describe those addicted to "lean" than to call them dope fiends. Full disclosure; this characterization of my generation’s drug abusers, probably doesn’t sit well with many of my close friends. But this isn’t about them or their connection to this story. Prescription drug use is at an all-time high; … Continue reading Purple Reigns.

Why Poor People Love Their Credit Scores.

Credit is defined as the provision of money, goods, or services with the expectation of future payment (MerriamWebster). The key word is future payment. A bank or someone acting as a lender gives you something that you don't have, hoping that someday soon you will have it. Why would anyone give you something without ensuring … Continue reading Why Poor People Love Their Credit Scores.

Fashion at the Cathedral

This weekend was dedicated to the arts. With that sentiment in mind, Sunday was reserved for the Oscars and Saturday was reserved for a local fashion show. This was no ordinary show and surely no ordinary designer. Loanell "ButterObama" Ellington put on a show. The designer who describes his CasuaLuxury brand as a mix of … Continue reading Fashion at the Cathedral

The Black Oscars

My title may be a bit misleading. I'm not advocating for an Oscars for black actors. I am merely pointing to the fact that how we watch the Oscars and how others watch the Oscars is quite different. Mostly, we watch award shows expecting some sort of let down (i.e. Beyoncé not winning AOTY at the … Continue reading The Black Oscars